Project Summary

At Dominion Property Group (DPG) we apply an in-depth understanding of the planning and property market in order to identify short, medium and long term development opportunities.  In doing so we consistently identify superior development opportunities both within and outside of Melbourne’s key growth corridors. 

Throughout this process we work closely with both landowners and prospective purchasers on a discreet basis.  Our approach is based upon a solid understanding of the development constraints and opportunities relevant to individual sites.  This is further informed by strong working relationships with representatives in all areas of government inclusive of infrastructure agencies.

Our approach seeks to “de-risk” the land transaction process so as to maximise the opportunity for property settlement within desired time frames.


  • Government and Agency Liaison;
  • Assessment of  Service Infrastructure;
  • Assessment of Environmental factors;
  • Site identification and Landowner Liaison; and
  • Undertaking of Due Diligence investigations on behalf of both landowners and prospective purchasers.


Hurrey Point 2 Yan Yean Victoria Australia
Hurrey Point Yan Yean Victoria Australia