Project Summary

The assessment of development opportunities is complex and requires consideration of number of inter related factors.  These include:

  •          Agency Considerations;
  •          Land Ownership Patterns;
  •          Planning Policy and Strategy;
  •          Cultural Heritage Considerations;
  •          Infrastructure Servicing requirements;
  •          Development Contributions and Charges;
  •          Development Sequencing and Timeframes; and
  •          Environmental Considerations (Flora & Fauna).

These factors comprise development opportunities and constraints which when considered as a whole give rise to a far more robust assessment of development capability. 

At Dominion Property Group we regularly undertake due diligence exercises on behalf of a range of property based clients in order to ascertain the quality of an existing or potential acquisition.  Our inputs assist our clients to maximise the commercial proposition by ensuring that the true value of their assets are leveraged effectively.